Till dawn do us part

This is my entry for The Obsessive Writing Challenge – Week 2. I’m coming out of writing hibernation and therefore a little rusty. Actually, I’m completely useless, so please bear with me.

Nothing but moonlight illuminates her, our rooftop and our world. We lie on the floor, staring at countless stars of the night sky. I realize the coolness of the constant breeze as it contrasts the warmth of her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest, her hair, her smell and her heartbeat. We see planets, jupiter and saturn, right above us, so close that we would be able to hold them like a basketball if we stretched our hands. We talk about us, we talk about life, we laugh.

We always talk for hours till dawn, it’s been our weekly routine for three hundred years, I thought to myself.

“The sun’s here”, she says while lifting her head to look at me. I look at my watch instead.

04:59:59. As I turn to look at her, beep… and then a blinding light engulfs the fully dark sky in a split second and I cannot see her face.

Beep. I wake up, my eyes looking outside my bedroom window. I angrily hit the phone’s snooze button and flip it, so that it’s light wouldn’t bother me again.

Wait… A dream? What was I dreaming about?. A sudden rush of guilt and longing hit me like a brick. “Maybe I can go back… what was I dreaming about?” I shut my eyelids hard trying to remember, trying to get back.

After minutes of trying, I open my eyes. Still looking outside the window, now at the rooftop of the building a block away. A door opens and a figure of a woman frantically paces on the rooftop looking for something.

My heart races, I jump out of the bed, and I shout.


“Why did I do that?”, I ask myself. She freezes, turns around, looks at me for a couple of seconds, and yells back.


Beep. Something tells me that I should not turn back to snooze the phone.

Beep. Something tells me that I shouldn’t take my eyes off her. We both stood still looking at each other waiting for dawn.