Short Stories

I have recently found that I can live multiple lives by writing stories. This page will serve as a map to all the lives that I have lived vicariously. I have just begun!

Self-Preservation (438 words)

A form of momentary madness claims a lot of lives every year. This story is about a dream that gives hope to someone who was just about to give up on life.

Kicking the butt (95 words)

Getting out of addiction is easier preached than done. Even for those who might be successful in other aspects of life through determination and hard work.

Trash (198 words)

Father, daughter, sci-fi, flash fiction. Enough said.

Dude, Please (189 words)

GGHDS (Generation-Gap-Hipster-Dad-Syndrome) with a dig at arranged marriages.

The Amoosing Mooseum (148 words)

Cow farts.

The Trophy at Elan (2000+ words?)

A Sci-Fi horror story (in progress). Inspired by the brilliantly written WaitButWhy post on artificial intelligence. This is the story of an inventor who traveled through time to experience the technological singularity.