Day #100

When this year began, I had a vision of where I wanted to be before I turn 26. I am not the one who usually makes new year’s resolutions, mainly because I am phenomenally lazy. Seriously, I’m the laziest person I have ever met. I am a serial procrastinator. I work only about two hours a day and just barely enough to not get fired. Maybe subconsciously I’m an adrenaline junkie who gets high off of doing things in the last minute. I don’t know… bear with me, I am trying to figure this out myself.

My resolutions for this year was to get fit, learn to play some guitar, travel, read and write. So I started this blog and I like to think that I have improved my writing a little bit. I lost 7 kgs. I traveled solo to couple of places, read few books. The guitar part is where I’m stuck. It just takes so much time and effort!

I haven’t written anything in over two months. This is a countdown post to my birthday. I guess my adrenaline has just kicked in. I want to make 25 a memorable year for me. Right now its a frickin’ sine curve or maybe I have flatlined… I don’t know, I’m bad at math too. So, let me get back to dusting my guitar…


We are all bound by invisible chains holding us, stopping us from doing anything. Our captors who hold the other end of our chain, stand in the way of our dreams. Each with their own agenda seem to yank us two steps back for every step that we take.

Then there comes the day we count the number of chains on our neck as we struggle to breath. There comes the day when we see who these captors are – Continue reading “Selfish”


TIL that my life has been a lie. I have been breaking down my life into bits and pieces to analyze what went wrong and why I have become the way I am.

Few memories have resurfaced and I have come to realize that almost all of my outlook on life, my behavior and my fears are based on one incident that happened to me when I was a seven year old.

My life (and probably yours too) believe it or not, is shaped by few incidents – minor and major that make who you are. In the nature vs nurture debate, I am pro-nurture.

Its going to take a lot of time to change back to who I truly am (or I think I am). Two decades of mental wiring and conditioning to rewire…

My bread and butter is my cup of coffee

My bread and butter is my cup of coffee

Disclaimer: Dear reader, please don’t take this post literally. Trying to sip and swallow your toast can lead to choking and even death. To those who did it anyway: please don’t haunt me.

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
– William James

Somebody told me that I am good with computers. Yeah, I was young, twelve maybe.  Continue reading “My bread and butter is my cup of coffee”

Get a time machine, think like the old you and be fearless!

I would like to start by asking you a question. Think about this:

What if there was a time machine that can take you five or ten years back in time, with the amazing ability that you will be younger as you were at that period of time? Also, you get to keep all your memories and your knowledge that you have right now!

Now I have to ask you…

Will you still be scared to get on a stage in front of thirty ten year olds? Continue reading “Get a time machine, think like the old you and be fearless!”