What the fitness?

Hi, I am 27 and I sprained my shoulder lifting up a bucket of water. And recently, I couldn’t climb twelve floors of stairs without stopping once. I fucked up.

Twelve years ago, I was doing karate three times a week, sometimes playing soccer, was in the national cadet corps and was cycling kilometers to and from school. These days, I am wiped out after 5 PM even though my entire work involves just sitting and coding.

To my body’s credit, I haven’t put up a lot of weight. And all the weight I have gained is in my belly. Just a skinny dude with a paunch. I am against body shaming, but I see all these people at work having a blast working out everyday and can’t help but feel a little ashamed. I don’t really care about looking good or getting buff or being able to run 20 kilometers (like WTF coworkers?). I just want to be able to climb stairs and lift buckets of water.


Do you even lift bro? I am getting tired lifting my own body weight, mate!

Anyway, I’ve been researching for the past few hours. I’m putting together a basic workout routine that I can follow at home. In theory, it should hit most parts of the body and should be able to bring my lungs and decrepit nervous system back in shape.

Pushups – chest, shoulders, triceps

Squats – legs and booty

Situps – ab region

Dumbbell shoulder press – shoulders

Dumbbell bicep curls – biceps


I’ll keep track of everything here – what works and what doesn’t and constantly modify the routine to include better workouts as I learn about this fitness thing. True to the nature of this blog, I’ll have to keep it a secret, but this time to see if anybody I know notices any difference by looking at me. I’m excited!

What do you think?

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