Day #100

When this year began, I had a vision of where I wanted to be before I turn 26. I am not the one who usually makes new year’s resolutions, mainly because I am phenomenally lazy. Seriously, I’m the laziest person I have ever met. I am a serial procrastinator. I work only about two hours a day and just barely enough to not get fired. Maybe subconsciously I’m an adrenaline junkie who gets high off of doing things in the last minute. I don’t know… bear with me, I am trying to figure this out myself.

My resolutions for this year was to get fit, learn to play some guitar, travel, read and write. So I started this blog and I like to think that I have improved my writing a little bit. I lost 7 kgs. I traveled solo to couple of places, read few books. The guitar part is where I’m stuck. It just takes so much time and effort!

I haven’t written anything in over two months. This is a countdown post to my birthday. I guess my adrenaline has just kicked in. I want to make 25 a memorable year for me. Right now its a frickin’ sine curve or maybe I have flatlined… I don’t know, I’m bad at math too. So, let me get back to dusting my guitar…


What do you think?

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