Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance


It’s been two weeks since I finished reading this book. The book takes you through a wild ride in Musk land and I wanted to let the dust settle before writing about it. The book was inspiring, deeply humbling and sometimes humiliating – I felt like it was asking me what the heck are YOU doing with your life?

This guy, born in South Africa, who is twice divorced and has five kids, is running multiple companies, doing everything from making electric cars to launching rockets. And he is doing it better than hundred year old car companies and even NASA. And he is doing it in style!. He also wants to colonize Mars and stop “the Terminator” scenario from ever happening and I believe he’ll do it (only because I believe that if Steve Jobs and Tony Stark had a baby, it would be Elon Musk).

This book beautifully covers everything from what his grandparents and parents were like to his relationship with his father, wife, children and employees. Instead of putting Elon on a pedestal, Ashlee Vance has given due credit to all the co-founders and other key people who have made PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX possible. She has also perfectly captured his character, work ethic and flaws.

The book is a fairly easy read. But it gets a little bit geeky-technical at some parts where the problems faced by SpaceX or Tesla are described. But that’s to be expected – after all, it’s literally rocket-science.

I give it 8.5/10.

Day #100

When this year began, I had a vision of where I wanted to be before I turn 26. I am not the one who usually makes new year’s resolutions, mainly because I am phenomenally lazy. Seriously, I’m the laziest person I have ever met. I am a serial procrastinator. I work only about two hours a day and just barely enough to not get fired. Maybe subconsciously I’m an adrenaline junkie who gets high off of doing things in the last minute. I don’t know… bear with me, I am trying to figure this out myself.

My resolutions for this year was to get fit, learn to play some guitar, travel, read and write. So I started this blog and I like to think that I have improved my writing a little bit. I lost 7 kgs. I traveled solo to couple of places, read few books. The guitar part is where I’m stuck. It just takes so much time and effort!

I haven’t written anything in over two months. This is a countdown post to my birthday. I guess my adrenaline has just kicked in. I want to make 25 a memorable year for me. Right now its a frickin’ sine curve or maybe I have flatlined… I don’t know, I’m bad at math too. So, let me get back to dusting my guitar…