FBI Agents Stan Beeman and Dennis Aderholt stood fifty yards away with their eyes fixated on a man sitting on the park bench. Forty-five minutes and nobody had met with him. This was it – the day they would finally find the mole in the department who has been giving classified information to terrorists.

There was a loud beep and the man suddenly got up and started walking fast. Stan dashed towards him with his gun drawn. The man turned back while reaching into his coat for something.

“PUT YOUR HANDS UP! DO IT! NOW!” – the man continued to reach ignoring Stan’s yell. There was a loud boom followed by two gun shots.

Dennis ran past Stan and checked his pulse. The man was dead with a phone in his hand. Stan inspected the park bench. A mini explosion had blown out a wooden plank along with a USB flash drive which was attached to it with duct tape.

Stan had his palm on his forehead – “Shit! This was a dead drop. Looks like we missed our mole” – he said, still panting.

Dennis looked up. “Bad news. His phone was shot when you shot him. We may not get any evidence out of it.”

Stan felt blood draining from his face as he contemplated going to jail.

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

9 thoughts on “The dead drop

    1. Yes indeed! Too impulsive!

      the story is set in the cold war era where there is a secret spy war going on between US and the Soviet Union. I based this short on the characters from the TV show, the Americans.

      I wish I could describe more in story itself, but the word limit…


  1. “Shoot first, ask questions later” is the true American way.
    I know in the Pool you were asking about context and word count. After reading your story, I might have some more advice. If you wanted to set the context as being during the Cold War, maybe drop some clues as to what time period the story is in? Maybe a quick reference to the Soviet Union? Maybe mention that the guy on the bench was suspected of selling secrets to the Russians?

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