We are all bound by invisible chains holding us, stopping us from doing anything. Our captors who hold the other end of our chain, stand in the way of our dreams. Each with their own agenda seem to yank us two steps back for every step that we take.

Then there comes the day we count the number of chains on our neck as we struggle to breath. There comes the day when we see who these captors are –

Friends who stick with us to get what they want and leave us alone in a dark place when faced with the slightest hint of trouble.

The two-faced society that we live in, talking behind us, expecting us to live our lives according to a to-do checklist that changes every year we grow old, shaming and shunning us if we miss to tick mark a few along the way. All the people who judge us and try to categorize us, even when they have never had a conversation with us. The same people who spread their own prejudiced perceptions and lies about us with everybody – like its the god given truth, written on a stone somewhere. People who never believe in us and call us lucky, completely ignoring the tears, sweat, blood and the hundreds of sleepless nights that we have put into becoming who we are.

Parents, who act as investors, who have never shown compassion or love, who have never done anything more than the bare minimum of feeding us, but wanting everything from us, ten fold in return, along with absolute obedience like a slave.

Our own fears, the crippling ones, created by demons of our past lives – our past personal and professional failures, which got strengthened every time we didn’t stand up after life had knocked us down.

It is good to think about who is holding our chains. I think its healthy to think about what they have ever done for us, before doing anything for them. Before choosing to hand over a chain to any of them, we need to think what we will get in return. We need to break those existing chains that hold us, if we see we aren’t going to get anything from the other end.

All of us are truly alone in our journey in life. Everybody is the hero in their own life story. Happiness and pain are both brought to us by people. We need to be selfish to shape our own story by breaking these chains and cutting out the poisonous people in our life. Because sometimes, to be happy, selfish is what we need to be.


3 thoughts on “Selfish

  1. I’m not sure I’d like to be selfish… I feel like most things in life are over rated… Career, ambitions, goals, achievements, position, power… Phew I could list gazillions of them! One needs to prioritise things according to what suit one’s life… And the society – meh!!! It was always a chain that only pulled someone down the rungs…
    A very thought provoking post! Thank you

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    1. Thanks Aishwarya! Its true some things in life are overrated.

      But sadly, who we are, what we do and even what we wear etc., are decided by someone other than us. I do think that we need to be more selfish in prioritizing what we want and what we don’t want. Personally, I feel strongly about chasing one’s own passions and avoiding thinking about what-ifs later on in life and that the only way to avoid regrets is to cut out these external influences and make every decision our own.

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      1. I completely agree with prioritizing our life and not caring at all about what the world has to say! There aren’t too many people we can satisfy with our doings… The least we can do is satisfy ourselves! 🙂


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