Read this in the epic movie trailer voice: 

In a world filled with Fallons, Kimmels, Olivers and Colberts… Two best friends host a daily talk show on youtube, without celebrities *BAM* without a customary Donald Trump joke *WHOOSH* without the help of multi-billion dollar media companies *WHAM*… They set out to get ten million subscribers and two billion views by doing what they do best… Comedy.

These guys have been friends for three decades. They invent and play funny games. They experiment with foods. They have eaten everything – from scorpions, pet foods to bull testicles. Not kidding!

I am completely addicted to this show. I watch it everyday. Its short, its funny. They are nearing their 1000th episode and I have watched at least half of them. It has become something that I look forward to everyday. I watch it when I am sad or in a bad mood. And their videos always pull me out of a bad mood.

Their Thursday show has a segment where they read the mails and display the items that their fans send from all over the world. In fact, they have a “mythical museum” to store some of these items. Now, how cool is that?

It’s also damn inspiring to see two people believing in themselves, putting their effort to make this show by making it their daily job and making it this big.

For the uninitiated, the real trailer for the show goes like this:

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