Embarrassing moments @ work #1

This story was originally slated for my memoir – “Embarrassing facepalm moments of an awkward introvert (Part 1)“.

Enter me, the 22 year old college hire on his first software project. The project was led by an awesome female lead developer, who will be referred to as SN. After being sick for a couple of days, I turned up at work one day, only to be pulled into an IM chat with the entire team for some discussion.

Me: Hi

SN: Hi! How are you feeling now?

Me: Good! 😉

SN: Glad to hear! 🙂

Me: 😉

I noticed something was wrong. My smiley was winking at her! All alarm bells went off in my head. Why is that smiley winking? I am sure I put a colon and not a semicolon. In panic, I try to send the smiling smiley again.

Me: 😉

Me: 😉 !!!

*Awkward silence for ten seconds*

Random team member: ??

*Awkward silence for ten more seconds*

Me: Sorry, my shift key doesn’t seem to work.

*Ten more longest-seconds-of-my-life*

SN: Haha… OK

SN: We were discussing about…

I was mortified. In my mind, I could imagine everybody laughing-out-loud at their cubicles. I still don’t understand how my shift key refused to work in tandem with just that key. I wanted to avoid crossing paths with her at least for the next 24 hours. And that’s exactly what I did. :/

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