“Farts.” I said with a straight face.

“Farts? ma’am?” asked someone in the tourist group, puzzled.

“Yes. Farts,” I explained, “that’s what made them extinct.”

I continued, “You see, these creatures were called cows. Their farts were full of methane gas, a key contributor to global warming. When we found this out, we had to put to sleep… all of them,” I paused to look at them. They all had an understanding look on their faces. “It was a kill-or-be-drowned situation.”

“They seem so… colorful.” said a young one pointing at the two holograms.

“Yes, those patterns – they were called leaves and flowers respectively. Cows used to eat leaves and flowers.” I said as I walked over to the next showcase. “Please, follow me!”

“Next up, we have the homo sapiens also called humans, our ancestors… they were fairly flawed creatures. What led to their extinction was…”

Words: 148
Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers
Pic: S. Writings

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