Embarrassing moments @ work #1

This story was originally slated for my memoir – “Embarrassing facepalm moments of an awkward introvert (Part 1)“.

Enter me, the 22 year old college hire on his first software project. Continue reading “Embarrassing moments @ work #1”


Riding solo in Jaipur

Riding solo in Jaipur

When I heard that my good friend is getting married in Jaipur I was happy for him and selfishly, for me. I’ve always wanted to visit Jaipur. I had heard so much about it. I quickly started making plans with my five member gang of friends. “Wolf pack” we had named our group on whatsapp. Nope. Half of them were unavailable and the other half… those lazy bastards refused to move their butts. It’s too far away man, they said. So, reluctantly I decided to be the lone wolf. Continue reading “Riding solo in Jaipur”