Dude, please

“Hey dude, come check this out!” I called out to Ashwin. “You remember the old family photo hanging at home? That was taken here!”

“The one where nobody’s smiling?” He snapped back without lifting his eyes off the phone. He had a gazillion selfies on that phone.

“Not to mention where he met the love of his life!” Praveen poked me.

“At least where the picture of her that they showed me before my marriage was taken” I mumbled.

“Huh? You married someone because you liked her picture?” Ashwin retorted, eyes still on the phone.

God, someone kill me. “They gave me an entire album… you know back when albums were physical and didn’t live in the cloud?” I said trying to sound cool.

“Didn’t you meet your girlfriend on facebook? How’s this any different?” Praveen came to my rescue.

“Yeah right… surely, you are kidding!” Ashwin said, rolling his eyes.

“He’s right you know and stop calling grandpa Shirley!” – My dad Praveen and I burst into laughter. Ashwin, a decade old, failed to recognize the 80’s movie reference. Kids these days… it’s tough to be a hip dad.

Words: 189… Went over the limit! 😦
Written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Pic: Uday @ Udayalogy

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