“But this is the middle of nowhere… sweetheart, we’ll dispose it when we’re home” – Kane said looking at Zoella, who sat next to him, clutching the bag of trash, the remains of their monthly father-daughter picnic day.

“Daddy Look! There’s one there!”. He stopped and she jumped out and ran towards the trash can.

Her science teacher had taught her that plastic waste will one day, destroy the world. He wondered whether he should tell her that she’s destroying it more by making him drive the 7000 pound armored Humvee for fifteen minutes to find a trash can.

He wondered when he is going to tell her that the whole world is anyway a big trash can. “She’s only four, she doesn’t need to know yet…”. Those were her mother’s last words. That was three years ago.

He looked through his binoculars and noticed a herd of zombies running towards them. Damn! they are getting faster. An annoyed look crept over his face.

“Daddy… I love you!” – She had noticed the all too familiar look on his face.

“I love you too, honey!” – He forced his all too familiar its-not-your-fault-smile on his face – “Time to go, sweetheart!”

Words: 198

Written for the Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practitioner
Pic: Public Domain Archive

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