Disclaimer: Dear reader, please don’t take this post literally. Trying to sip and swallow your toast can lead to choking and even death. To those who did it anyway: please don’t haunt me.

The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.
– William James

Somebody told me that I am good with computers. Yeah, I was young, twelve maybe. But it must be either the first compliment I have ever received or my earliest memory of one. I never wanted to be the next Bill Gates (For Generation Z readers, he is like Zuckerberg, only richer and more kinder). All I wanted was… I don’t know. It was like a crush, I didn’t know why I liked it so much. I went to college, took some courses and it became my cup of coffee and eventually my bread and butter.

My cup of coffee is now bitter. My bread and butter has become rather stale recently. Its cold and swallowing it is painful. It has become so bad that I dread waking up every morning. Actually, I have come to a realization that my current restaurant for bread and butter brews a rather poor cup of coffee. I have been searching and I have found a lot of restaurants nearby who not just have butter, but peanut butter and jelly! Some of my friends who regularly spend eight hours everyday in these restaurants are giving it five stars. They rave about it. They always say, Mmmm! Goddamn! This is some serious gourmet shit!

But switching restaurants comes with a cost. Its going to be hard, I know. Some restaurants are going to reject me. I just need to take a leap of faith and try my best. Because I am hungry now and I desperately need a caffeine boost. Gourmet shit, here I come!


For the daily prompt: Leap

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