Why the heck do I blog?

I find myself looking at my blog’s likes and views at least once a day. Even on the days I don’t post anything. I don’t know why, but this feels too much like checking Facebook for likes.

It’s only been a month since I started blogging. Not to mention, I blog anonymously and nobody in this world knows that I even have a blog.

Why? Because I haven’t told anyone.

But why, you ask? Because I want to see if I am any good at this writing thing. People who know me would be predisposed to like my blogs. They might even say that I am excellent.

But I want the truth. The raw truth. I want to not hold back anything when I write. And I want to improve my writing. There’s a lot of room for improvement for a non-native English speaking real life introvert living in a supposedly third world country.

Do I want to be a writer? Heck no. I am way too lazy to become a writer. All I wanted to know was, can someone out there enjoy my writing?

Can I finally create something that I can call my own?

Will I be able to look back on my blog years from now, hopefully with pride and satisfaction?

Only time will tell.

This is for the daily prompt: The Stat Connection

6 thoughts on “Why the heck do I blog?

  1. I was checking the daily prompt to see if my post already got added. It sometimes could take a bit of time. It was, but then I saw your title. Decided to click on it and read your version of The Stat Connection. I quote this part:’And I want to improve my writing. There’s a lot of room for improvement for a non-native English speaking real life introvert’. Why do I quote this? Because we have this in common. I also write in a second language, actually even a third because my country has two languages and the second one I can manage also, even when I don’t really use it in daily life. It’s not easy to blog in a non-native language. I know, because I experience it myself. 🙂 It ís a good way to improve the knowledge of the English language. That’s also why I started one in English. Like you, I also plan to improve ‘my’ writing in general. That’s why half of my blog is about achieving and learning. 😉 You just started out. I have been blogging for quite some years already. The one on WordPress isn’t my first one. You will become better at blogging (not saying your bad at it now, wouldn’t want to get misunderstandings) and you will attract more people. On clue is writing regularly and promoting it. Like you did by trying out a Daily Prompt. Consistancy is key. Blogging gaps is usually not really that good for building up a ‘clientele’. Already experienced that myself. 😉 Anyway. Wanted to leave a message and not just visiting and leaving without saying anything. Sorry that I said quite a lot, lol.

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    1. I am happy for this comment. Glad to know that someone across the world has so much common with me. I’ll definitely write regularly and more periodically. I am checking out your blog 🙂

      Thanks a lot Mirjam! I just woke up to find this and this has made my day!

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  2. I’m pleased to hear it made your day. As a blogger myself I know how nice it is to get a comment from time to time. Instead of only ‘lurkers’. 🙂
    Yes, when you wrote that sentence I quoted I definitely could identify myself in it. Nice to meet you!

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  3. All of us start out like that… To create something that we can call our own… And how wonderful that you share your daily experiences as well.. Solo travels are nice.. I’m enjoying what you are creating… Keep at it 🙂

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