Heard it somewhere… Part 2

“Books – one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Reading and writing is what really differentiates us from other species. Without books to let us pass down existing knowledge, we will still be trying to figure out rudimentary things like fire or reinventing the wheel.”
– some TV show

“My highschool English teacher had borrowed my copy of Gone with the wind. When I asked her to return it, she said it was gone with the wind.”
– my highschool English teacher said to me once.

“Has anyone ever told you before? That you are an asshole?”
– during a heated conversation at my college, between two friends.

“The first thing that I learnt in college is, you are not here to please everybody”
– said by a college friend.

“Why are you torturing you mom on the phone?”
– my college room mate shouted at me after overhearing yet another heated conversation between me and my mom.

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